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The word colores on a white background.

Dedicated to New Mexico's Creative Spirit

¡COLORES! Episodes

A statue of a griffin with wings.

Michael Naranjo, Marc Rubin, Bill T. Jones, Trevor Nunn

November 14, 2013

Airs Friday, November 15, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1 Michael Naranjo Website During the Vietnam War, New Mexican sculptor…

The man is wearing glasses.

Stacey Neff, Karin Richardson, Eric Meek

November 11, 2013

Stacey Neff Website New Mexican Stacey Neff talks about the feminine aspect of nature and how the sense of gesture…

A poster with a bird sitting in a tree.

Robert Christensen, Andrea Martin, Steve Cinnamon, Arnold Alaniz

November 11, 2013

Robert Christensen New Mexico Photographer Robert Christensen Makes Portraits Of Buildings That Reflect The Rugged And Independent Spirit Of New…

A black and white photograph of a bare tree.

Ian Ruhter, Nancy Mooslin, Roman Vishniac, Stephen Nguyen

October 29, 2013

Ian Ruhter Website Photographer and alchemist Ian Ruhter travels in a truck that is also his camera. He shares his…

A blue and yellow star on a blue background.

Dr. Jonathan Wolfe, XL Projects Gallery, Norm Oberle, James Reddington

October 29, 2013

Dr. Jonathan Wolfe Website Dr. Jonathan Wolfe helped Albuquerque become the fractal capital of the world and shares his inspirations…

A man with dreadlocks standing in front of a room full of art.

Ray Maseman, Floyd Tunson, The Museum of the Dog, Konstantin Dimopoulos

October 29, 2013

Ray Maseman Website Albuquerque artist Ray Maseman’s prints are a result of playing with ideas that come from dreams, myths,…

A group of colorful geometric sculptures on a gray background.

Ted Larsen, James Turrell, Mr. & Mrs. de Menil’s Art Collection, Sacramento Murals

October 29, 2013

Ted Larsen Website Santa Fe sculpter Ted Larsen shares how perception can bring to light new answers to old problems.…

A woman talking on a cell phone in a kitchen.

Lauren Poole, Ricki Stern, Adrienn Banhegyi, Daniel Rebert

October 29, 2013

Lauren Poole Website Actress and improv comedian, Albuquerque’s Lauren Poole shares her thoughts behind creating her comic character Lynette and…

The apocalyptic singing - the apocalyptic song.

Bruce Lowney, Allen “Denny” Smith, Tallmadge Doyle, Mike Rivamonte

October 29, 2013

Bruce Lowney Website Artist Bruce Lowney shares the inspiration for his grand New Mexico landscapes and age old allegories. “Jung…

A woman with long hair sitting in a chair.

Rulan Tangen, Jeanguy Saintus, The Apollo Theater

October 29, 2013

Rulan Tangen Website Founder of Santa Fe’s innovative Dancing Earth Creations, choreographer and dancer Rulan Tangen shares her vision. “I…