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The word colores on a white background.

Dedicated to New Mexico's Creative Spirit

New Mexico ¡COLORES!

Gabriela Henner's piece of artwork with lots of colorful little monsters.

Dante Biss-Grayson, Robert Martinez & Gaby Henner

October 23, 2023

Air Date Saturday October 28 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 DANTE BISS-GRAYSON Overcoming PTSD, Osage artist Dante Biss-Grayson, a combat veteran of Kuwait, Iraq, and…

A traditional piece of pottery in the white sands with two people dressed in all black costumes.

Virgil Ortiz, Navajo Weaver Venancio Aragon & Kathleen Wall

September 27, 2023

Air Date Saturday September 30 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 VIRGIL ORTIZ – TRAVELING THROUGH TIME Time travel with Pueblo potter Virgil Ortiz’s futuristic characters…

A mosaic of the sun with a face.

Mosaics of Central NM, Faces of the Holocaust & Steam Locomotive 2926

August 21, 2023

Air Date Saturday August 26 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 MOSAICS NEW MEXICO An ancient art in our neighborhoods – New Mexicans creating beautiful modern…

The ruins of the pueblo of santa fe, new mexico.

The River Connects Us All, Jill Hartke & Anna Sofaer

July 24, 2023

Air Date Saturday June 29 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 THE RIVER CONNECTS US ALL The river connects us all. With paint, pencil, and photo,…

A piece of art featuring two native american figures standing in front of a shimmery background.

Letitia Chambers, Diana Solomon-Glover and Bill Gilbert

June 19, 2023

Air Date Saturday June 24 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 LETITIA CHAMBERS Bold, stunning… curator Letitia Chambers shares how native artists are reinterpreting cultural narratives…

A 1938 black and white photograph of two people moving bricks.

Valles Caldera and “We Lead, Others Follow” Exhibit

May 22, 2023

Air Date Saturday May 27 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 WILLIAM DEBUYS AND DON USNER A spectacular wilderness, William DeBuys and Don Usner share how…

Dr. Levi Romero

Anna Martinez & Mary Oishi Albuquerque Poet Laureate, Levi Romero – Burque Poetas Reading Burque

April 20, 2023

Air Date Saturday April 29 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 ALBUQUERQUE POET LAUREATE ANNA MARTINEZ Fearless, defiant, Albuquerque Poet Laureate Anna Martinez reads her powerful…

A monarch butterfly.

Monarch Migrations with Steve Cary, Amy Denet Deal with 4KINSHIP, Agnes Chavez – Species in Peril along the Rio Grande

March 20, 2023

Air Date Saturday March 25 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY IN NM Stunningly beautiful and threatened: the monarch butterfly in New Mexico.…


Greg MacGregor, Bill Gilbert, Gus Foster, NDI NM

January 26, 2023

Air Date Saturday January 28 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 IN SEARCH OF DOMÍNGUEZ AND ESCALANTE Pasó por aquí…passed by here. Retracing the extraordinary Fray…

Ray and Angela Pérez

Raymond Jonson Science Murals, Christmas with Rudolfo Anaya, Los Posadas with Ray and Angela Pérez

December 26, 2022

Air Date Saturday December 31 at 4 p.m. on 5.1 RAYMOND JONSON Inspired to view the world in a new way, Raymond Jonson painted The…