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Become a Member | $40+

With an annual gift of $40 or more, you receive a membership to NMPBS and a twelve-month subscription to Ventana, our monthly program guide featuring the NMPBS on-air schedule with show highlights and descriptions.

NMPBS Passport | $60+

Contribute $60 or more for the year and gain extended access to an on-demand library of public television programming via online video streaming.

Sustainer | $5+ per month

Make a lasting impact on the programming you enjoy through automatic monthly payments of $5 or more from your debit/credit card or checking account.

NMPBS Membercard | $72+

With your gift of $72 or more, you receive the NMPBS MemberCard good for 12 months of 2-for-1 dining and discounts on museums, theaters, lodging, golf, wineries, pet care, wellness, and more.

Major Giving | $500+

Enable New Mexico PBS to expand its vision of excellence and develop new programs and services while gaining access to unique experiences that celebrate public television’s commitment to educate, entertain, and inspire.