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NMPBS engages with our community using quality media, curriculum and learning activities. Events like Indie Lens PopUp documentary screenings and Science Café provide a venue for public dialogue about current issues in culture, society, and science.

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PBS Kids summer activity book cover featuring animated characters from various shows playing together and enjoying summer activities. Bubbles containing character faces float above the scene, seamlessly blending fun and education for young minds.

PBS Kids 2024 Summer Activity Book

The summer is full of possibilities and so is your child! Play and learn all season long with activities, games, crafts, and shows curated by the team at PBS KIDS and at your local station.

Why Did I
Become a Scientist?

We ask experts from a wide range of fields the question "Why did you become a scientist?"

What it Takes: Careers in Health Science

New Mexico faces a critical shortage of health science workers, from entry level positions through nurses, primary care doctors and surgeons. To address this shortfall, New Mexico PBS has partnered with the United Way of Central New Mexico Mission: Graduate, and the UNM Health Sciences Center to create "What it Takes".