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knme current
The History of New Mexico PBS
KNME/New Mexico PBS has been a pioneer in public broadcasting since our inception. Check out some of the highlights of our 60 years of service.
Germantown Rug
The Great Southwestern Art & Education Endowment
In August, please support three great antique events whose opening nights benefit NMPBS.
Gene Grant
New Mexico in Focus
Ch. 5.1: Fridays at 7pm
Ch. 9.1: Sundays at 3pm

This week on New Mexico in Focus, Gene Grant explores a unique learning experience with two tutors from a college in the City Different.
Episode 2419 APS Jewelry
Ch. 5.1: Saturday at 4pm

Albuquerque High School jewelry teacher, Ms. Gillett, and students share how the creative experience enhances student success.
Michael Pollan
Report From Santa Fe
Ch.5.1: Sundays at 8:00am
Ch.9.1: Sundays at 4:30pm

This week Michael Pollan, author of five NYT best-selling books, discusses his newest book "How to Change Your Mind.”