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Dawn view of Miami Skyline reflected in water
Science Cafe: Sinking Cities
As extreme climate becomes a reality across the globe—what solutions have local experts devised to protect those communities? And what about here at home, where the climate change threats are very different?
sleeping monsters sacred fires
Now Streaming: Sleeping Monsters, Sacred Fires: Volcanoes of New Mexico
For 25 million years, volcanos spewed molten rock and ash across New Mexico, forming craters, super volcanos, cinder cones, lava flows and peak-less mountains.

New Mexico in Focus
Ch. 5.1: Fridays at 7pm
Ch. 9.1: Sundays at 3pm

Environmental correspondent Laura Paskus looks at how climate change affects spring runoff and summer irrigation here in New Mexico.
Dahr Jamail
Ch. 5.1: Saturdays at 4pm
Ch. 9.1: Sundays at 8pm

The End of Ice author, Dahr Jamail, goes to the front lines of climate disruption.
Report From Santa Fe
Ch.5.1: Saturdays at 8am
Ch.9.1: Sundays at 4:30pm

This week's guest is Lilly Ledbetter who has led the long struggle to end gender wage inequality.