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In episode 35, we ask people to reflect on shifts in their perspectives, about their lives, about how things have been working or not working for people in our country or around the world. KUNM’s Nash Jones reports on delivery … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: What’s Changing In What You Care About?

 In Episode 33, we learn about obstacles for tribes as they try to quell the virus’ spread, including bureaucratic hurdles in accessing billions in federal funding that’s been allotted to sovereign nations. National Native News anchor Antonia Gonzales tells us what she’s … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Tribal Concerns

In episode 32, we talk about how the homeless population in New Mexico is being served in the era of Covid-19. We hear from Johnathon Stubbs, a person who has experienced homlessness. Elise Kaplan from the Albuquerque Journal joins the … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Homelessness

 Episode 31 is all about jails and prisons during the pandemic, and it’s packed. (Plus, Your NM Gov is airing weeknights at 8 p.m. on KUNM this week.) We hear from: Longtime criminal justice reporter Jeff Proctor from the … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Behind the Walls

In episode 30, hear from college students whose futures are seemingly on hold. Mandolin Eisenberg and KUNM’s own Taylor Velazquez tell us about their experiences. (And after their interviews, host Khalil Ekulona’s ready to vote for either one for U.S. pres should … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Cram To Understand

In episode 29, we hear from people who are creating resources and  helping out in their communities. Longtime organizer Selinda Guerrero  talks about all of the people working together on the Mutual Aid network, providing food and other necessities to … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Help Wanted

In episode 28, we talk to parents about what it’s like to become the primary educators of their kids—and to be at home with them pretty much around the clock. And Amy Biehl High School Counselor Kathleen Moore offers wisdom … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Home School

In this episode, hear from tipped service-industry workers about the challenges they’re facing as restaurants and bars around the state close their doors—unless you’re ordering to-go. And host Khalil Ekulona calls his old boss, Ken Carson, who owns Nexus Brewery … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Closed for Business

Your NM Gov is back and shifting gears with weekday news updates on coronavirus, plus community stories, resources and an eye on government response. In episode 26, host Khalil Ekulona of KUNM radio calls his folks. Then, he talks with … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Call Your Parents & Scam Alerts

The 2020 legislative session is over. Gene Grant, host of New Mexico In Focus, recaps the biggest moments and topics, like the red-flag law (which passed), recreational marijuana (which didn’t), free college tuition (partially funded) and more. Listen on Anchor