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How to Watch Us

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PBS Video App

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The PBS Video App is available to download on the following platforms:

How to Set Up the PBS Video App

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Watch Live

Stream NMPBS live through our video portal or through the PBS Video App on Roku. Just click on the "LIVE TV" button.

Need more help or having issues troubleshooting your device?

If you’re having any problems with device activation, activating your Passport account, streaming video content, or anything else, we’re here to help.

Other Ways to Watch

Over the Air

To receive New Mexico PBS channels over the air, you'll need a UHF-VHF digital antenna and a digital tuner.

Rescan your digital tuner or converter box if you are having difficulty receiving New Mexico PBS' over the air signal.
1. Unplug your television or converter box.
2. Then re-plug.
3. Rescan for channels with the menu button on your remote.

Sparklight (Formerly Cable One) (Rio Rancho)

KNME-SD 5.1 is on Channel 5
KNMD-SD 5.4 is on Channel 9
KNME-HD 5.1 is on Channel 1005


KNME-SD 5.1 is on Channel 5
KNMD 5.4 and Create-TV 5.5 are not currently available on DirecTV.

Comcast Cable

New Mexico PBS channels are available on Comcast Cable.
KNME-SD 5.1 is on Channel 5
KNME-HD 5.1 is on Channel 220
FNX 5.3 is on Channel 393
NMPBS 24/7 Kids Channel on 5.2 is on Channel 396
WORLD 5.4 is on Channel 204
CREATE SD 5.5 is on Channel 397
To access 5.4 or 5.5 on Comcast you'll need an HD digital converter box from Comcast.
Call Comcast customer service 505-344-0690 or 1-866-928-9135


KNME-HD 5.1 is on Channel 5
KNMD-HD 5.4 is on Channel 9
Create-TV 5.5 is not currently available on Dish.

Watch Online

Visit to watch your favorite local and national programs online.