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Three sandhill cranes flying in the sky above water.

Climate Change & Public Health

By Laura Paskus February 13, 2024

Welp. It’s that time of year. The sandhill cranes are…

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A pair of water-resistant brown pants.

‘We are marching steadily toward an uninsurable future…’

By Laura Paskus February 6, 2024

Last week, videographer John Britt and I headed out to…

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A group of people holding up a sign that says misinformation is disinformation, discussing the significance of water in combating fake news.

‘No segment of the population is safe’

By Laura Paskus January 30, 2024

On Friday, I swung by the Albuquerque Journal, where about…

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Climate Care for the Public

In 2021, Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center began a climate program with web-based trainings on health care decarbonizing, climate justice and health equity. Dr. Joanna Katzman directs Project ECHO’s Public Health Initiatives and she talks about the importance of training health care professionals to recognize how climate change affects patient health.