1234 Line NM vs trump
Minimum Wage Debate, Native American Artists on the No-DAPL Movement, The Line
This week on New Mexico in Focus: Lawmakers continue to debate the idea of increasing the state’s minimum wage.
1234 School Money
The Line Panel
Gene Grant and the Line panelists voice their opinions on the education proposals and whether the April 15 deadline can realistically be met.
1234 Min Wage Explained
Correspondent Gwyneth Doland sits down with UNM Labor Economist Melissa Binder to discuss the overall impacts of a minimum wage hike.
Our Land Clean Waters Rule
Series: Our Land
This month for Our Land, Laura Paskus takes is from high in the Sandia Mountains to down along the Middle Rio Grande to learn about why “temporary” waterways are so important – and also why they’re at increased risk.
Carlsbad Housing Shortage
The oil and gas boom in southern New Mexico and West Texas has driven up hotel rates in Carlsbad.