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Groundwater War: New Mexico's Toxic Threat
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Working the Fire Lines, Cannabis Industry Equality, and Policing Changes

September 17, 2021

Our Land

Fighting More Than Fire

When our homes and our forests are threatened, we all appreciate the federal wildland firefighters who show up for us from all over the country. But they face bigger challenges every year, especially as climate change lengthens fire season and spawns bigger and more severe fires. They also face struggles the rest of us never see, including long assignments away from their families and support networks, low pay, and mental health challenges. In this segment, we hear from three current and former federal wildland firefighters from around the West about those problems and potential solutions.

The Line

Opinion roundtable discussions of essential local topics

In Touch

Timely interviews that add insight and context to the news of the day

Advising Cannabis Regulators

Growing Forward podcast co-hosts Megan Kamerick and Andy Lyman talk to three members of the state’s cannabis regulation advisory board about efforts to provide equitable business opportunities as the state rolls out new recreational cannabis laws.