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The Great Southwestern Antique and Vintage Show

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Zuni Squash Blossom Necklace

August 6th & 7th, 2022


August 5th, 2022

Join NMPBS for a charity sneak preview of the Great Southwestern Antique & Vintage Show Friday, August 5th at Expo New Mexico!

All donations benefit NMPBS arts and education programming.

Shop & visit with over 100 quality antique and vintage dealers from across the U.S. Learn about the Southwest and the art of collecting and investing in Fine Art & Antiques, Native American Art, Ethnographic Art, Historic Photos, Rare Books, Jewelry, Antique Beads, and more.

Charity Preview for NMPBS: August 5 (Friday 1pm to 6pm).

General Admission: August 6 (Saturday 9am to 5pm), and August 7 (Sunday 10am to 4pm)

Sponsored by Cowboys and Indians Antiques. 100% of proceeds we receive for your ticket will go to fund NMPBS Arts & Educational programing.

For more information visit the Great Southwestern Events Website.