– New Mexico is linked to the stars by the “observatories” of the ancient peoples at Chaco Canyon and Bandelier National Monument, and by the present day Very Large Array near Socorro, as well as the National Solar Observatory at … Continue reading The Heavens

– A wide-ranging look at the City of Santa Fe as it progressed from a small and quaint village rich in culture and art, to a modern city with a “Santa Fe style” of national fame and equally rich in … Continue reading La Villa de Santa Fe

– This documentary features the unheard voices of teens from across New Mexico. Bombarded with adult themes and violence in today’s media, these teens find a positive way to express themselves. Seeking to be heard, they choose to express themselves … Continue reading My Words Are My Power

– A look back to rediscover the people who have shaped the city of Albuquerque. This is an inspirational, multicultural story of the diverse people who have devoted themselves to making this city a better place. August 5, 2000 | … Continue reading Albuquerque’s People of the Heart

For centuries, Native Americans of the arid Southwest used a system of ponds and gravity-fed ditches (acequias) to grow crops with the little water they had. When the Spanish arrived in 1598, they were quick to adopt this system, establishing … Continue reading Acequia

– Michael Naranjo makes beautiful sculptures out of bronze and marble. But Michael’s work is more than sculpture, each piece is a story of determination, of working against the odds. When he lost his sight while serving in the Vietnam … Continue reading Michael Naranjo: A New Vision

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– March in procession alongside the people of the South Broadway area of Albuquerque as they honor La Virgin de Guadalupe in their 60th annual fiesta. The virgin is said to have appeared to Mexican peasant, Juan Diego in 1531. … Continue reading La Fiesta de Guadalupana: Our Lady

– KNME travels to Lincoln, New Mexico, where cowboy painter Gary Morton lives and paints. It is a trip back to the Old West where the poetry, music, myth and reality of the American cowboy once thrived. November 15, 1989 … Continue reading Cowboy Life

– The opening episode for the first season of Colores features Albuquerque journalist V.B. Price talking to Santa Fe filmmaker, Godfrey Reggio. Reggio is well known for his first two films Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi. He discusses his philosophy behind the … Continue reading The Qatsi Trilogy