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Airs Friday November 7, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Nicolai Fechin


Join us for a special look at the life, work, and the beautiful home of Nicolai Fechin, now the site of the Taos Art Museum.

One of New Mexico’s favorite painters, Russian Nicolai Fechin left the Beaux-Arts tradition of elaborate historical paintings to explore the importance of each face and each expression.

“I think getting to the soul of the person and the more interesting the face the more he was drawn to it.”

Fleeing his homeland to avoid the dangers of the Russian revolution, Fechin found a home in Taos. He worked tirelessly to build by hand a remarkable home and his paintings are a striking and indelible portrait of New Mexico.

“My mother always said that he felt at home here in Taos because the mountains here reminded him of the mountains in Russia, the Caucasus. And the aspects of tribes and different cultures.”