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Dennis Larkins


Santa Fe painter Dennis Larkins uses iconic imagery from the ‘50s and ‘60s to engage his audience.

“One of the primary aspects of Pop Surrealism is the reintroduction of narrative as a legitimate form of communication.”

Joseph Watson


African American painter Joseph Watson observes his community and paints what he sees as a way to connect.

“I firmly believe that it’s not just a pretty picture that you are responsible for creating, it’s a beautiful idea as well.”

Bonhams Motorcycle Auction


Bonhams Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas, Nevada, attracts bikers, collectors, and historians.

“The motorcycle itself is pretty fundamental, but when you start to expand on that, the history becomes as intriguing as the motorcycle itself.”

Jessica Fellowes


Jessica Fellowes, the author of “The Chronicles of Downton Abbey,” and the niece of Julian Fellowes, talks about Cora’s leading role as “The American.”

“Even then, a hundred years ago, the Americans had a reputation for thinking differently, for being less repressed than the British.”