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Gurudarshan Khalsa


Photographer Gurudarshan Khalsa creates photographic collages to help heal from a concussion.

“Using the artwork and the creative process gave me a sense of peace and balance, relaxation and finding a sense of joy again.”

Laurie King


Historical fiction author Laurie King shares insights into writing her latest novel, The Bones of Paris.

“I tend to do most of my thinking in my first draft. I don’t outline. So I tend to do a first draft that’s very rough.”

Jennifer Mercede


Jennifer Mercede never grew out of making a mess while making art.

“I had all these rules I had to get rid of coming from school, like ‘it’s not a good idea to use colored pencils.’ That’s a rule I just let go of and freed myself up into using whatever I wanted to use.”

Ukrainian Museum


At the Ukrainian Museum in New York City, Ukrainian kilim rugs carry the history of generations. Each one has its own story.

“The kilim was woven by a father in a small Ukrainian village for his daughter’s dowry in 1912 and as if intuitively sensing the turmoil that they will have to face, he used the representation of the tree of life which is a symbol of continuity.”

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