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Airs Friday January 16, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Adam McKinney


Santa Fe dancer Adam McKinney shares how genealogy and memory fuel his performance.

“What does the blood know? What do we know in our cells, in our DNA that we can’t necessarily communicate on an intellectual level?”

Eric and Anthony McGriff

Twin brothers Eric and Anthony McGriff, a cellist and a violinist, reach beyond cultural issues to send an important message.

“We’re facilitating conversations with kids, getting to the root of the violence, where it begins structurally, what kind of language, what kind of messages that they’re introduced to, and how they’re going to shape their personalities.”

Teatro Prometeo


Teatro Prometeo is the country’s only Spanish language conservatory.

“The idea behind it is to provide a really strong education in the arts in Spanish as they would receive in English. And when you do that then you give access to these artists to be the best they can be in the language that they’re most comfortable speaking.”

Marc Chagall

Painter Marc Chagall was a master of color, famous for his ability to evoke emotion.

“His paintings for me are like dreams because dreams help you understand the world. And even though all the little figures he painted seemed to be incidental, they are all part of the bigger composition.”