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Michael Hudock


Albuquerque’s Michael Hudock creates abstract paintings that are inspired by reality.

“I’m attracted to surfaces that have been affected by the elements, by time, and they develop their own history.”

Billy Childs


Los Angeles pianist Billy Childs merges classical music with smooth jazz.

“You can compose as an impressionist, observing the outside world and writing your impressions of it or you can be an expressionist, writing from the innermost darkest places of your soul.”

Atwater Brewery


Brewing beer at Atwater Brewery in Detroit is an art.

“Yeah, I’d compare brewing kind of like being a chef, where you have all these different ingredients available, and you want to find the right combination to make a beer just the way you want it. And it’s also very rewarding…when you make a beer that you like, and you find out that all these other people like it, too.”

Amanda Spayd


Artist Amanda Spayd creates handcrafted animals, that come to life in a stop motion animated film.

“I knew it, I knew they’re real. Like I told everyone they were real and now I can prove it.”

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