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Wiggins, Doug

“Wiggins is no stranger to art. As a fourth generation artist, he is the son of Roswell-based artist Kim Douglas Wiggins, and grew up with art all around him. His sister Rebekah Wiggins is an actor/producer/director in the film industry…In 2019, he began his business, simply called, Done by Doug. Wiggins worked on creating fashion every day since opening the fashion line. Within the last six months, he’s seen a huge spike in his popularity on social media. “I think the fact that you can make a statement with fashion, it’s art that allows you to express and convey a message to people who necessarily didn’t go outside to be told something,” he says. “They get to experience something that they might not have been able to experience.”” – Albuquerque Journal


Episode: Doug Wiggins, Sustainable Fashion Designer
Christina Selby, Olivia Messinger Carril and Doug Wiggins