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Littlebird, Larry

Larry Littlebird

LARRY LITTLEBIRD, founding director HAMAATSA, is a Pueblo Indian from Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblos in New Mexico.  Larry Littlebird celebrates an indigenous holistic way of life.  Over the past 40 years, Larry has worked extensively as a life coach, corporate trainer, education specialist, national speaker and performing artist. Larry’s coaching and mentoring style draws upon his multi-faceted background as a Native filmmaker, artist, master storyteller, wilderness facilitator, and his personal experience as a hunter-gatherer-farmer, informed by his rich oral tradition and Pueblo Indian culture. 

Larry is a visionary social entrepreneur having founded a Native owned business and three nonprofits.   He personally trains and equips people in the areas of generative leadership development, teambuilding, communications, holistic health and community building. His inspired programs have had a profound impact on many lives working with individuals, business executives, management teams, tribes, foundations, schools and community organizations. Providing spiritual guidance through his remedial work with listening circles, story camps and wilderness  pilgrimages, his clients are able to realize a cathartic process within their own lives. 

Learning to Listen© is an experiential, oral learning curriculum developed by Littlebird, which has been introduced nationwide as a new learning paradigm, in classrooms and boardrooms, from theaters in D.C. to San Francisco and around lodge fires where people gather.

As a filmmaker, writer and performing artist, Larry is one of the first American Indians to produce, write and direct films for and about Native people in the United States.  He played the lead role in the feature motion picture, House Made of Dawn, based on N. Scott Momaday’s Pulitzer-Prize winning novel which was recently archived by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and declared a watershed moment in the history of Native filmmaking. Larry directed and performed in, The Faraway Drum: Raven Speaks, Coyote Sings, a theatrical collaboration between Alaskan natives and Southwestern tribal peoples, which toured nationally for two years. He assisted with creative direction and was the lead performer in, Be Quiet, Sit Down and Listen: A Native American Sound Quest, an award winning cross cultural feature-length documentary film for Japanese public television which records the journey of a renowned Japanese composer through the Southwest.  

Larry is the author of Hunting Sacred—Everything Listens:A Pueblo Indian Man’s Oral Tradition Legacy, which introduces readers to a timeless story of living in correct relationship with all life and is Littlebird’s personal legacy of story, song and art from his rich oral tradition.

Ramón José López, Larry Littlebird, Carlos Contreras
Larry Littlebird, Julie Seltzer, Sanjay Patel, Don Harvey