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Larry Littlebird, Julie Seltzer, Sanjay Patel, Don Harvey

Airs Friday December 20, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Larry Littlebird


In a time when we need story more than ever, pueblo storyteller Larry Littlebird shares the importance of learning to listen.

“Listening to what’s within is what the stories are really, truly about.”

Julie Seltzer


Julie Seltzer, a female scribe, is writing out an entire Torah, a sacred Jewish text – only the second written out by a woman.

“I don’t think of joy and hard work as being separated; it’s also an opportunity to be more quiet in a world that often feels very rushed and loud and overwhelming.”

Sanjay Patel


Pixar Films animator Sanjay Patel has a unique personal portfolio, drawing on his East Indian heritage to illustrate ancient Hindu epics.

“There’s magic, there’s fighting and animals, gods, demons and I just thought, I really want to tell this story in the most modern and graphic way as possible.”

Don Harvey


Intersecting politics, graphic design and painting, Don Harvey has been making art in spaces where opposite worlds collide.

“If I connected it to sort of activism, it was an attitude about what the city looked like or could look like and what design meant.”