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Robert K. Meya

On March 1, 2012, Robert K. Meya joined Santa Fe Opera as Director of External Affairs, where he has worked closely with General Director Charles MacKay to achieve the goals laid out in the Strategic Plan with a special focus on building contributed and earned income, while also seeking to advance the national and international profile of Santa Fe Opera.

Early in his career, Meya worked as Auditions Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Opera Club Steward at Santa Fe Opera under John O. Crosby, and as a radio announcer and editor for Polish Radio World Service in Warsaw where he produced the first internationally-syndicated story featuring Nobel Prize winner Wysława Szymborska.

A native of Connecticut, Robert earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service Degree from Georgetown University with a concentration in International Relations, Law, and Organization and a Masters of Arts Management Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a lifelong devotee of classical music and is a trained classical pianist. He lives in Santa Fe with his wife, soprano Amanda Echalaz, and their two children.