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From 1968 to 1973, photojournalist Tony Louderbough captured Albuquerque at a turbulent time. His photographs tell dramatic stories of social unrest that include civil rights, the Vietnam War, and Native justice protests.

UNM Alumna, Anthony Louderbough, recently donated his private collection of negatives and photographs taken between 1968 and 1973 to the Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections (CSWR). While Louderbough was a UNM student he did freelance photography and sold his photographs principally to the New Mexico Daily Lobo and Seer’s Catalogue, a well-regarded alternative newspaper. It was a significant period in the history of UNM echoing the unrest felt throughout the U.S. and much of his collections reflects that

“Cries for Change” Captured in the Lens of Photojournalist Tony Louderbough