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Clift, William

William Clift

William Clift is an American photographer known for his black-and-white image of landscapes in New Mexico. Architectural subjects have also been a major component of his work, including a 1970 series for the Massachusetts Council on the Arts. “I want to have a universal quality to them, and in order to get to a universal quality, you have to find something universal in yourself, rather than just expressing yourself. Hall. Born in 1944 in Boston, MA, he began taking photographs as a youth with a Polaroid camera. His first instruction in the medium came from Paul Caponigro in 1959. Moving to Santa Fe in 1971, Clift began documenting the vast panoramic landscape around him. The artist’s photographs are held in the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, among others. He currently lives and work in Santa Fe, NM.

William Clift, Pete Townshend, Intimate Opera, David Garibaldi
William Clift, Alexander Girard, Jesus Muñoz