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Blazquez, Frank

Frank Blazquez (b. Chicago, IL) is a visual artist working in portraiture, documentary film, and mixed-media. With multiple essays published in The Guardian, he is also a writer.

The creator focuses on counter-narratives across the American Southwest and topics related to Latinx culture along the US-Mexico border. The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is exhibiting Blazquez’s portraiture beginning in April of 2022 and his artwork was recently displayed in State of the Art 2020: an exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

In 2018 Blazquez created and produced the documentary series Duke City Diaries. The project presented individual stories from New Mexico’s War Zone and beyond. Production ended in early 2020. Presently, Blazquez produces independent documentaries highlighting stories from the state of New Mexico and throughout the United States. Working in various forms of media, he also created the contemporary art project MEXICAN SUBURBS.

Frank Blazquez
Frank Blazquez (9/3/22)