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Ashcraft, Thomas

Thomas Ashcraft

Thomas Ashcraft is a naturalist, artisan and scientific instrument builder and over time has established an important niche laboratory in the Rio Grande research corridor. He is also one of the most prolific videographers in the world today. Using a homebuilt array of specially modified cameras merged with optical and radio telescopes Ashcraft captures and records rarely witnessed natural phenomena with high detail. His current observing projects include transient luminous events (red sprites), mesospheric gravity waves, meteoric fireballs, solar coronal mass ejections and radio events on Jupiter. He has been featured in WIRED Science, on National Public Radio, the Weather Channel, Stardate, and regularly appears in the national press when significant events occur.

Thomas Ashcraft, Anna Cohen, “The Art Center”
Pueblo Bonito, scientist and artist Thomas Ashcraft, artist Amie Rangel