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Chavez, Agnes

Agnes Chavez is an interdisciplinary new media artist and educator based in Taos, New Mexico. She collaborates with artists, scientists and youth to create sensorial experiences that explore our relationship with art, science, technology and nature as a process and tool for personal, social and environmental change. Her work focuses on data visualization, light, sound and space.  She is a founding member of The PASEO Festival, an outdoor participatory art festival in Taos New Mexico whose mission is to transform community through art and art through community.  In 2009 she founded the STEMarts LAB a Research and Innovation project that applies the latest arts, science and technological innovations to youth programming through interdisciplinary artist-led collaborations and online platforms such as the STEMarts@PASEO Youth Program and the newly forming BioSTEAM Lab at the Taos Land Trust. As a curriculum developer she created the SUBE, a multisensory language curriculum for teaching Spanish and English to kids through art, music and games now in its 23rd year.

Agnes Chavez, Mixing Art and Social Services, Rod Ford, Elginia McCrary
Robert Patricio, Michael Berman, Agnes Chavez – Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande
Monarch Migrations with Steve Cary, Amy Denet Deal with 4KINSHIP, Agnes Chavez – Species in Peril along the Rio Grande