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NMPBS Distribution

NMPBS is a leading Alpha station working with the PBS Service Interconnection Team, sIX, and continues to lead the nation in new technology for content delivery in public television. Working with PBS and sIX vendors, NMPBS helped develop upload and delivery specifications for stations engaging with the sIX platform. Currently, we’re testing and validating the next stage of the sIX project which provides live linear streaming of content.


NMPBS Distribution has established lasting partnerships with our clients, including Deutsche Welle. As the sIX distributor for four international newsmagazine shows to PBS stations nationwide, NMPBS is now offering this diverse point of view to public television by bringing international news and magazine style programs to the U.S. audience. Other clients include BBC Studios, Democracy Now and Love and Respect with Killer Mike, along with a host of independent producers, including Bands of Enchantment.

Master conrol operator

Since 1958, NMPBS has been a pioneering public television station, and we continue our legacy today as a leader in broadcast technology and program content. We continually focus on new innovations in content delivery, including sIX updates and testing, datacasting partnerships for public safety using the EduCast platform and content creation for PBS Learning Media. Through these efforts and others like them, NMPBS finds our audience wherever they are to deliver the highest quality content possible.

Available Programs

Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus.

Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus

VACCINATION FROM THE MISINFORMATION VIRUS AVAILABILITY DATE: Thursday, July 22, 2021 via sIX Press Materials Photos are for editorial use…

Painting Santa Fe

Painting Santa Fe

Painting Santa Fe Feed Date & Schedule: May 18, 2021 1330 – 1430 ET HD05 Also available for download via…

Painting Taos

Painting Taos

Painting Taos Feed Date & Schedule: May 19, 2021 1330 – 1430 ET HD05 Also available for download via sIX…

Democracy now

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! LIVE FEED DATE / SCHEDULE: Monday-Friday Daily Feed 0800-0900 ET HD05 Feed Information Daily Feed (LIVE Turnaround, note…

Project Echo

Project Echo

PROJECT ECHO FEED DATE / SCHEDULE: February 28, 2025 1230 – 1330 ET HD05 Press Materials Photos are for editorial…

Freedom & Impeachment Edmund G Ross

Freedom & Impeachment

Freedom & Impeachment: The Courage of Edmund G. Ross FEED DATE / SCHEDULE: Thursday, August 29 1230 – 1330 ET…

Mystery of Chaco Canyon

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon FEED DATE / SCHEDULE: Monday, May 17, 2021 1300 – 1400 ET HD05 Press Materials…