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APS @Home

APS @Home

Broadcasting Student Lessons During COVID-19 Crisis
Daily TV and Web Content for K-5 Students

In response to the novel coronavirus crisis that has resulted in the closures of all New Mexico public schools, NMPBS and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) announce an ambitious and vital new broadcast initiative to support at-home learning for K-5 students and their families, by broadcasting a new weekday morning schedule of televised APS classes.

APS @HOME will give kids in grades K-5 the chance to resume lessons in key topics, as determined by the school district.

Beginning Monday, April 6, APS @HOME, will begin broadcasting from 8 a.m. - Noon weekdays on Channel 5.1, and posting educational programs on the APS YouTube channel.

There will now be reruns through Friday, June 12. New shows resume Monday, June 15 - Friday July 17 (5 weeks).

Monday, July 6

8 a.m. Grades K-2 ELA and Math
ELA: Animals Around the World: Whales and Dolphins
Learn about animals around the world and their habitats; read Whales and Dolphins by Susanna Davidson and practice comprehension strategies; play the word game Drop It-Add It.

Math: Using Groups of Ten in Many Ways
Practice counting with jumps of ten; build numbers with bundles and sticks; read Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh; learn the addition game Make Ten.
Suggested materials and resources:
July 6: K-2 Math Resource Folder (English and Spanish)

10 a.m. Grades 3-5 ELA and Math
ELA: Sensory Details
Read Toad by Ruth Brown and identify words that show sensory details; use adjectives to describe sunflowers in a writing activity.

Math: Combinations Everywhere
Explore patterns with multiples of 3 and 6; solve place value problems; read The Sundae Scoop by Stuart J. Murphy; learn about decimal place value with the game Guess that Decimal.
Suggested materials and resources:
July 6: 3-5 Math Resource Folder (English and Spanish)

Tuesday, July 7
Wednesday, July 8
Thursday, July 9
Friday, July 10
A small child flips through pages of a book.

The daily lesson plans will be broadcast each day, and will then be available later for individual “on-demand lessons.” These supplemental learning videos feature Albuquerque Public Schools educators in short segments, supporting a variety of subjects and grade levels, including English language arts, math, visual and performing arts, physical education, and more.

These segments will also include a Sign interpreter in the lower left portion of the screen, making them accessible to the hearing impaired. Bilingual lessons are also available.

Watch Monday-Friday from 8am to Noon on New Mexico PBS (NMPBS)/KNME Channel 5.1 (Santa Fe/Albuquerque – Northern & Central New Mexico); KENW/Channel 3 (Portales – Eastern New Mexico); KRWG/Channel 22 (Las Cruces – Southern New Mexico)

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