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Everton Tsosie is a Navajo Modern Abstract Painter from the great state of New Mexico. He was born and raised in Albuquerque where he attained his BFA from the University of New Mexico. His work reflects life’s experience from when he was young to today’s current events. The artist path to success is always in mind since moving to New York to pursue his art career. The art life is always changing since the rise of the Covid 19 crisis. As an artist adapting to the new world is about changing gears and working online. He is currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is working on his new body of work. He has willingly able to offer his work to travel from both places. 

Tsosie love for the art has been continual since his young day’s in Albuquerque. He loves to talk about art amongst colleagues or friends. His true ambition for the arts has defined him thus far as an artist. He can remember the hard struggle to get to where he’s at, from academics to practicing as an artist. He entered the Santa Fe Indian Market as a practicing artist and entered the competition in wants to be apart of the experience. Although, because of the Covid 19 crisis, he had to adapt to the Virtual platform. Virtually he has tested the challenge and is now a prominent artist with the tools to advance in the modern world. He has built an online website and is now working for the hopes of gallery and museum exposure. 

As an artist, Tsosie, made a decision to become a viable person. His ability to travel and pursue a career is a true aspect of his dedication. Also, the ability to participate with his community has made him someone of interest. After participating in the Santa Fe Indian Market, Tsosie won 1st place as the 2-D classification winner. He developed a painting and was able to win and sale the painting. ‘The Last of the Pure’ has made a true indention on Tsosie’s career as an emerging artist. This opportunity has made Tsosie a new person in a new lime light, he is now focused on making an impact with his art, to his community whether it is in NM, or NY. Art has always been his exit in life and helped him overcome stereotypes that he once was challenged with. Now he understands empathy in life which can be the cure for his new work. 

When Tsosie isn’t doing art, he enjoys playing basketball, running, playing pool, eating pizza and mutton, going on hikes, and observing mother earth. He misses his dog; Thomas. He had to give him away because of moving to New York. His favorite pet is a dog but is willing to get a fish or plant now. Tsosie loves to communicate with other artist and art lovers, so please feel free to reach out. His thoughts on art as of now is, “Art can be a can of soup, art can be a song, art can be a beautiful painting, as long as the audience is impacted, then everything makes sense.”

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