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Stacey Neff


New Mexican Stacey Neff talks about the feminine aspect of nature and how the sense of gesture is inherent in her chosen medium of blown glass.

“You’re working with gravity and heat so the glass is falling always down, that’s predictable and it’s always getting more solid as it cools.”

Karin Richardson


After an almost fatal car accident, artist Karin Richardson changes from glass blowing to creations made of found objects.

“What interests me about natural materials, there’s…such a magnificence. There’s this wonder and this awe. And it’s always changing. It’s never the same.”

Eric Meek


Master glass maker Eric Meek, of the Corning Museum of Glass, shares his process.

“If you are a professional, you have to be able to work with the glass, be able to control the outcome of the glass. So I would say for myself personally, and for most of the glass makers here at the Corning Museum, you have a pretty clear picture of what you want to make and you control the glass to create that object.”

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