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Airs Friday September 5, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Nic Nicosia


Santa Fe’s Nic Nicosia shares how photography is about making a picture, not taking a picture.

“The reason I chose to use a camera to make my work is because it’s the one tool I can use to combine fantasy and something real.”

Wayne Cain & Daniel White


Artists Wayne Cain and Daniel White pay homage to legendary cartoonist Billy Ireland through stained glass. Each panel depicts aspects of Ireland’s life and career.

“I love the fact that he’s self taught. I really identify with that. That to me shows that, you know, his art came from within.”

Garrett Finney


Architect Garrett Finney went from designing living quarters for NASA spacecrafts to designing an earth bound vehicle for exploration.

“Whether this on a street corner with a mobile DJ pumping out music or on a top of a mountain somewhere hoisted by a helicopter. That’s really fun to think about and how do you design something that allows all those uses and the human?”

Heidi Kambitsch


Designer Heidi Kambitsch creates a whimsical space in which people can play in “body puppets.”

“It is about creating space for people to feel comfortable to express themselves.”