Juan Wijngaard, Dana Foy, Judy Chicago

Airs Saturday September 26, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Juan Wijngaard

Corrales, New Mexico’s, Renaissance man, Juan Wijngaard, doesn’t stick to one artistic medium.

“I don’t think I have an option about creating things or not. At this point it’s something I have to do.”

Dana Foy

New Mexico photographer Dana Foy captures what he calls the expanded moment.

“What I am doing is trying to find something that’s unique and see it not only in space but see it in time and space.”

Judy Chicago

Feminist Judy Chicago talks about her ambition to be an artist at a time when few female artists received recognition.

“I have devoted my life and my work to overcoming the silence about women’s achievements.”

COLORES New Mexico Episode 111

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