Adam McKinney, Midori, Jason Garcia

Airs Saturday, September 24 at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Adam McKinney

Santa Fe dancer Adam McKinney shares how genealogy and memory fuel his performance.

“What does the blood know? What do we know in our cells, in our DNA that we can’t necessarily communicate on an intellectual level?”

Also on the program:

World-renowned violinist Midori gives a special performance. Brought to New Mexico by Corrales Music in Schools program, she shares her expertise in a “master class” with young students.

“Music is something that I live with. It is something that has served me as a tool, it is something that has served me to really get to know the world, different cultures, my own culture. It has been a way to bring people together, and it has connected me to many different communities.”

Tewa artist Jason Garcia combines traditional Pueblo art forms with pop culture.

“What fuels my work is looking at documenting the ever-changing cultural landscape of Santa Clara, my Pueblo.”

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