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Lauren Poole


Actress and improv comedian, Albuquerque’s Lauren Poole shares her thoughts behind creating her comic character Lynette and the things that Burqueños say.

“Sometimes with comedy the best stuff is going to ah, ya know, make some people uncomfortable or make people realize.. oh my gosh, that’s me.”

Ricki Stern


Director of the documentary Knuckleball, Ricki Stern, explores one of the most difficult pitches in the game of baseball.

“You need the fingertips of a safe cracker and the mind of a Zen Buddhist.”

Adrienn Banhegyi


International champion jump roper, Adrienn Banhegyi, saw a Cirque Du Soleil performance on television and decided a career on stage was her next step.

“For me the hardest part was the transition, to learn how to express myself and how to find a connection with the audience, so they can have as much fun as I do when I’m doing it.”

Daniel Rebert


Photographer Daniel Rebert found that his art has made him a better person.

“I know that I can’t take anything for granted. I have to be in the moment. Especially when taking photos, I have to give it all I have.”