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Airs Saturday September 19, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Frederico Vigil

New Mexico fresco artist Frederico Vigil shares how the history of the people of New Mexico inspires the torreón fresco, “Mundos de Mestizaje.”

“I think the idea and the vision was to figure out the mixture genetically through civilization and through cultures.”

Also on the program:

Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto’s largest and final work is an interactive experience.

“To me, I like it most from outside and from this balcony so I can watch individuals inside enjoying it, and then watching the color dance as the yellow orb reflects light.”

Ceramic artist Terri Kern balances her ideas with an ancient human tradition.

“That link through time and history that ceramics holds for me…I mean I actually have goose bumps just talking about it because it just… it’s awesome.”

Critically-acclaimed film director David Lynch shares his first creative projects and they are not films.

“I only wanted to be a painter. I got into film by accident in this very building, in one of the studios right over here.”