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Bruce Lowney


Artist Bruce Lowney shares the inspiration for his grand New Mexico landscapes and age old allegories.

“Jung talks about the subconscious and the collective unconscious and that’s important to me. That I’m just not personally speaking from my background, ideally and hopefully I’m speaking archetypally.”

Allen “Denny” Smith


Abstract artist Allen “Denny” Smith describes how painting is like music, a physical and visceral experience.

“You can always see my hand. The way my hand moves. So everything is a record of where my hand has been.”

Tallmadge Doyle


Printmaker, Tallmadge Doyle is known for the intersection between science and art and how it informs her print making.

“Just looking at this…this beautiful owl…uh, there’s something that’s, you know, indescribable that science can’t really define.”

Mike Rivamonte


Sculptor Mike Rivamonte takes what some people consider junk, he sees as treasures of childhood, and transforms it.

“What you might consider something strange, I would say that’s a head, that’s a chest or those are shoulders.”