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Robert Christensen

New Mexico Photographer Robert Christensen Makes Portraits Of Buildings That Reflect The Rugged And Independent Spirit Of New Mexico.

“I’ve photographed an awful lot of buildings and the ones that look back at me… are the ones that are meaningful.”

Andrea Martin


Papercutting artist Andrea Martin shares how her art practice is based on her background in the science of biology.

“I look at patterns in nature. Patterns in nature really fascinate me.”

Steve Cinnamon

After some tough times, artisan Steve Cinnamon is saved by creating an unusual musical instrument…the cigar box guitar.

“It gave me a feeling of worth, creativity and it was a lot of fun.”

Arnold Alaniz


Arnold Alaniz is enamored with the changing seasons and creates works revolving around the ever changing foliage and scenery.

“I’ve always tried to convey the feeling of awe and kind of solitude that I get in the scenes that I paint.”