Photographer Stephen Strom, The Origin KC Festival, Jane’s Carousel, and multimedia artist Philip Worthington

Air Date Saturday July 22nd at 4pm on 5.1

Watch online here

Through his photographs of the Southwest, Stephen Strom shares his love of open spaces, hoping to inspire protection of the land.

“It’s rare that I’ll photograph a landscape as a whole.  But rather, I try to abstract from the landscape something that I think captures its essence.”

Artist Pedro Reyes on ¡COLORES!

The Origin KC Festival puts the playwright at the center of a production to develop theatrical work with a goal to travel to other cities.

Painstakingly restored to its original 1922 color palette, Jane’s Carousel, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, brings new vibrancy to an old neighborhood.

Combining graphic design with interactive technology, Philip Worthington creates a world of shadow monsters.

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Celebrating the creative spirit, ¡COLORES! broadcasts Saturday afternoons at 4pm on 5.1 and rebroadcasts Friday evenings at 8pm on 9.1.

¡COLORES! is a production of New Mexico PBS/KNME-TV. Funding for ¡COLORES! was provided in part by, The Nellita E. Walker Fund, KNME-TV Endowment Fund, The Great Southwestern Arts & Education Endowment Fund… and Viewers Like You.

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