Painter Thomas Christopher Haag, stage and screen legend Ben Vereen, book artist Caitlin Warner, and blacksmith and farrier Erin Simmons

Air Date: Saturday April 22nd at 4pm on 5.1

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Albuquerque’s Thomas Christopher Haag reinvents the world’s mythologies.

“Everything we’ve learned, what if you were to try to describe it in one paragraph, or one sentence, or one picture? It’s a ridiculous thing to think you could do, but painting is fun because you can kind of do that.”

Tony Award-winning stage and screen legend Ben Vereen brings theatrical training and emotional development to young people.

Book artist Caitlin Warner converts vintage vending machines to dispense her handmade books.

. . .

Some say he was born 150 years too late.  Blacksmith and farrier Erin Simmons loves to shape steel.

“90% of my tools are hand-made. What we’re looking at here is just a small portion of what I’ve come up with to make my trade a little easier.”

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