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Ted Larsen


Santa Fe sculpter Ted Larsen shares how perception can bring to light new answers to old problems.

“When you’re experiencing art, it changes the way you see the world, that shift that happens in that seeing the world in a new way… that’s what I’m trying to get to.”

James Turrell


Contemporary artist James Turrell uses light as his medium.

“I just have sort of an American view of deciding to instead of using paint to depict light, I actually am using light- which seems like a little more direct, to me, and I’m very interested in that.”

Mr. & Mrs. de Menil’s Art Collection

Mrs. de Menil commisioned a beautiful contemporary building to house the collection of art she and her husband put together.

“It’s a very eclectic collection. It’s about making connections between the ancient, the modern, the Western and the non-Western.”

Sacramento Murals

Two mural makers paint their way across the walls of communities in Sacramento, California.

“What I love about muraling is that it brings art out into the community.”


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