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Ian Ruhter


Photographer and alchemist Ian Ruhter travels in a truck that is also his camera. He shares his experience photographing New Mexico.

“When we’re shooting out in the elements, just a little bit of wind will shake the camera. Nature creates all the beauty but it also gives us the most adversity.”

Nancy Mooslin


Artist Nancy Mooslin has systematically translated musical pieces into paintings and sculptures, creating a unique emotional experience.

“I developed a way to translate pitch, musical pitch, into color.”

Roman Vishniac

One of the 20th century’s most accomplished photographers, Roman Vishniac captures Germany’s changing political reality through a modernist lens.

“It’s an incredible documentation of how quickly things changed.”

Stephen Nguyen


New York-based installation artists Stephen Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh work to recreate the dense mangroves and plant life they discovered on a trip to the Florida Everglades.

“By exposing ourselves to a different landscape, we’re trying to extend the language of our work.”

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