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Dr. Jonathan Wolfe


Dr. Jonathan Wolfe helped Albuquerque become the fractal capital of the world and shares his inspirations and insights.

“Fractals are the pictures of chaos theory. With the help of computers we can visualize how fractal patterns grow and turn into these really beautiful things that echo the patterns of nature.”

XL Projects Gallery

Students get a chance for artistic exposure at the XL Projects gallery in Syracuse, New York. This show explores relationships between concept and the real world.

“Our work still seems to have this commonality of like ideas of the transitive state, which are things that are, the interaction between thoughts and objects on this plane of reality that’s not quite real and maybe even sometimes fantastical or strange.”

Norm Oberle

Norm Oberle’s curiosity for what lies beyond planet earth led him to build a powerful telescope.

“So I remind myself how bad it can be building a large telescope.”

James Reddington


Photographer James Reddington found that most people have a treasure box filled with mementos.

“I love photographing anything regarding people’s secrets or anything where something is not readily apparent to people. I like bringing that out in the open.”