Melvin Detroit, Marino Auriti, American Sign Museum, Mike Welton

Airs Saturday, October 15th at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Melvin Detroit


Inspired by the Bauhaus, Santa Fe’s Melvin Detroit creates vivid geometric paintings.

“Abstraction means to me the possibility for inventing. You are giving birth to a piece that has never been seen before.”

Also on the program:

Marino Auriti envisioned a museum of all human knowledge, “The Encyclopedic Palace.”

Telling rich stories about culture, the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati is home to hundreds of signs that may have otherwise been lost forever.

Painter Mike Welton captures a slice of the Midwest’s urban architectural history. “It’s evolved a sense of “that’s a building” but it’s a piece of art too. So I figured that if it makes people question the ambience of their surrounding and better awareness of light and architecture…it’s a good thing.”

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