Albuquerque painter Julia Lambright, jazz violinist Jairus Daigle, photographer and filmmaker Emily Peacock, the “Art Of Transformation” series in Opa-locka, Florida

Air Date Saturday October 14th at 4pm on 5.1
Rebroadcast Friday October 20th at 8pm on 9.1

After an extraordinary childhood in Russia, Albuquerque painter Julia Lambright finds connection with her past.

“I could vocalize through the brush something I couldn’t say, something so personal and deeply traumatic was for me liberated with this imagery and ideas and symbols.”

  • <br class="blank" /><b>JAIRUS DAIGLE</b>

    Jazz violinist JAIRUS DAIGLE grew up loving music alongside his jazz pianist father Chester, who played with James Brown and Jennifer Holiday, to name a few.
  • <br class="blank" /><b>EMILY PEACOCK</b>

    Photographer and filmmaker, Emily Peacock casts herself and her family in classical narratives.
  • <br class="blank" /><b>ART OF TRANSFORMATION</b>

    As part of the “ART OF TRANSFORMATION” series in Opa-locka, Florida, artists respond to civic renewal.

    “You’ll see the idea of dreams deferred; you’ll see the idea of challenge, in order to grow, in order to overcome. And I would say that’s kind of a through line or a thread that I’m noticing in a lot of the artists’ work here.”

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