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Ray Maseman, Floyd Tunson, The Museum of the Dog, Konstantin Dimopoulos

Ray Maseman


Albuquerque artist Ray Maseman’s prints are a result of playing with ideas that come from dreams, myths, children’s stories and chance observations.

“It’s really important to feel like you are safe and comfortable enough to just try things without knowing how it’s going to turn out.”

Floyd Tunson


Artist Floyd Tunson challenges viewers to look at the different sides of life – the beauty and the darkness, the chaos and the order.

“I think art should change how we think about things.”

The Museum of the Dog

The Museum of the Dog houses over 700 pieces of canine-themed art, exploring the relationship between man and beast throughout the ages.

“So the artist is telling you something. What is he telling you here? He’s telling you the dogs have emotions…”

Konstantin Dimopoulos


Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos travels internationally to paint trees blue to bring awareness to ecological issues around the world.

“So that whole idea of creating something that is surreal started to come about because then you notice something.”