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William Wilson


Navajo photographer William Wilson uses the 19th century tintype process to add to our understanding of portraiture.

“What if an Indian invented photography? Would there be another set of relations and traditions associated with making imagery?”

The Wonderbound Dance Studio


The Wonderbound dance studio is all about making traditional dance accessible.

“Moving downtown, moving into this garage space, where we can open the doors and let people see the work that we are doing, might create inspiration for them, add a little beauty to their lives, where maybe they need a little beauty.”

Alexi DeVilliers


Sculptor Alexi DeVilliers creates innovative sculptures to help feed the homeless.

“These cans have a story behind them; every single one of them came from tragedy, but then it’s trying to alleviate some of the tragedies in these people’s life.”

Bruce Munro


Bruce Munro’s light- scapes are inspired by childlike wonder.

“When I was a little kid I got in trouble for daydreaming. When you’re daydreaming, you find ideas collide in your head in a very unusual way.”

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