Don Usner, Live the Rhythm, Gerardo Pereda-Rosas, Tennille Finnegan-Saldivar

Airs Saturday November 7, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Don Usner

Don Usner

In collaboration with the New Mexico History Museum, cultural historian Don Usner shares the heart of car culture: LOWRIDING

“A lowrider is a ride. It’s a car that’s been invested with a person’s heart and soul and made into a piece of art that travels with them.”

Also on the program:

Florida’s Live the Rhythm, an innovative dance company, seeks to inspire and transform future generations.
“I’ve always felt like dancing was like breathing.”

Glass etching artist Gerardo Pereda-Rosas finds inspiration in his Latin American roots.
“The Aztec culture is like really important to me, you know. That’s where I came from, that’s where my family got raised in, so I kinda love doing the artwork like that.”

Baker Tennille Finnegan-Saldivar shares how her intricate and complex desserts take shape.
“When I began it wasn’t for the love of baking. It was for the love of the artistry.”

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