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New Mexicans Connecting with Ukrainians

Connections Close to Home

Journalist and filmmaker Patrick Hilsman shares his recent experiences in cities and on the front lines of the war in Ukraine. The conversation is followed by the premiere of his documentary “Comedy at War.” Shot on location, “Comedy at War” features Valaria who fled the destruction of her home in Kharkiv and in a time of tragedy turned to comedy.

Standing up for peace, seeking solidarity – Russian American Grisha Gutkin leads a march for Ukraine at Santa Fe Plaza.

Marching with her family to protest the war on Ukraine, Santa Fe artist and Ukrainian Katya Reka shares her heartbreak and resilience.

Connections Within Ukraine

A favorite of Albuquerque audiences, KURBASY is an internationally renowned Ukrainian performing arts group. ¡COLORES! Executive Producer Michael Kamins recently connected on March 10th with Vsevolod Sadovyj of Kurbasy to learn what he is experiencing in the Ukraine right now.

"Les Kurbas Theatre - where Kurbasy was founded - is now a hostel and bomb shelter, temporary hosting refugees from eastern parts of Ukraine. " - Vsevolod Sadovyj

Home for the international performing arts troupe Kurbasy, the legendary Les Kurbas Theatre in Lviv is now a shelter for the flood of refugees fleeing Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine.

“I'm sending you a report from performance on March 27 - World Theater Day. War hostel of Les Kurbas Theater is about to become a cultural hub for refugees artists from all over Ukraine and here is Natalia Rybka speaking about the flag once given to the Theatre by defenders of Mariupol in 2014. And now audience of Kurbasy's performance signed a new flag with their gratitude and best wishes for our boys on the frontline.” – Vsevolod Sadovyj

Through music and story, refugees in Ukraine’s Les Kurbas Theatre share poignant accounts of escaping war.

Featured in the latest COLORES episode premiering May 7th. Video by Vsevolod Sadovyj.

Courtesy Neal Copperman AMP Concerts

Courtesy Neal Copperman AMP Concerts

Courtesy Neal Copperman AMP Concerts

More Videos and Content from Kurbasy:

"Your message found me in city of Zhytomyr - where I work with international journalists making documentaries about russian invasion here. Our mission here is to show the true scale of this tragedy." - Vsevolod Sadovyj

Raw, on the ground perspective of the war in Ukraine, Vsevolod Sadovyi of the performing arts troupe Kurbasy shares dramatic footage of destroyed homes, hospitals, basement shelters and graves. This is a short montage of full length videos that include the “Sphere’s Quartet” soundtrack created by Vsevold and Mark Tokar.

Vsevolod Sadovyi shares dramatic footage of destroyed homes, hospitals, basement shelters and graves - a result of air strikes on Zhytomyr city March 1st - 8th. Video and editing by Vsevolod Sadovyi. Music “Spheres Quartet” by Vsevolod Sadovyi with Mark Tokar.

"Residential area, 9 houses destroyed, 3 dead, 12 injured. Volunteers work to recover remains."

"Village of Stara Kotelnia (Old Boiler Room) 37 kms from Zhytomyr. A jet fighter missile hit a checkpoint of local peasant territory defense. 5 families lost their daddies and husbands, 7 were injured and handicapped for life."

"March 8th, there was an air strike on the Teterivka chummery for ex-military officers families. A volunteer with an excavator works together with rescue services to recover victims. A 4th victim was discovered three days after the attack."

"After an air strike damaged the buildings of Zhytomyr Hospital №2, anesthesiologist Denys Diagterev and his team moved the intensive care unit into the hospital basement in 24 hours. The hospital basement is being used as a bomb shelter."

"Air strike at the Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center. Olena Astreiko, medical director shares how maternity care was moved to the basement after an air strike on March 1st."

"Lyceum 25 was a special school since 1919, today elite high school with accents on math, biology, chemistry and Ukrainian philology for 1300 pupils and 100 personnel. Destroyed by air strike March 4th 2022."