National Dance Institute of New Mexico, Frequent Flyer Productions, Amy Sackett, Arizona Pro Arte

Airs Friday June 20, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

National Dance Institute of New Mexico


National Dance Institute of New Mexico helps students make big steps in and out of the classroom through the art of dance.

“When each person gets the shot in a spotlight where you can just show off and just let everybody look into you… it’s like, just awesome.”

Frequent Flyer Productions


Frequent Flyer Productions’ dancers interact with fluid simulation technology.

“A lot of technology, in relationship to art, the technology dominates. And so, the challenge with this work is finding a conversation so the human is not lost amongst the pixels.”

Amy Sackett


Dancer and choreographer Amy Sackett believes hip-hop culture gives voice to those who are often unheard.

“Hip-hop’s not just a dance or just rap or just graffiti. It’s the whole culture, so with each step that you do in hip-hop, you kind of carry on that spirit.”

Arizona Pro Arte


Arizona Pro Arte offers audiences an opportunity to explore music through an unusual mix of the arts.

“Playing with an orchestra is just a magical experience. You’re a part of this huge tapestry of sound and it’s really fantastic to see it all come together.”

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