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Jami Porter Lara, Noah Deledda, Alicia Rose, Amy Leibrand

Airs Saturday May 9, at 4:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Jami Porter Lara


New Mexico ceramicist Jami Porter Lara sees her work as reverse archeology.

“Part of my interest here is in looking differently at the plastic bottle so that we might be able to see the human creativity that goes into it as opposed to simply regarding it as waste.”

Noah Deledda


Artist Noah Deledda takes ordinary cans and transforms them into the astonishing.

“The irony… that the normally destructive force, such as crushing, can actually be creative, presented as art. Something familiar can be presented in a way that’s unfamiliar.”

Alicia Rose


Independent filmmaker Alicia Rose’s film “The Gift of Gravity” tells the story of teenage girls who set out to play a prank.

“Girl 1: I heard the other day she went through the lost and found at school. You know that stuff has lice in it.
Girl 3: She already has lice.
Girl 1: They should probably suspend her for that.”

Amy Leibrand


Artist Amy Leibrand creates works of art on her cell phone.

“I would describe myself as an image manipulator. I don’t consider myself a photographer because most of what I do is after I take a shot.”