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Erin Currier


Santa Fe artist Erin Currier transforms trash into works of beauty.

“The trash deities naturally led to a more socio- political work because I began searching for those spiritual principles but in our day and age.”

Scott Hocking


Detroit native Scott Hocking finds art in abandonment.

“I’m usually interested in making an art piece that speaks to a greater idea about this happening everywhere, about trash and humans abandoning things and humans wasting things, more than I am about Detroit’s version of that.”

Kasia Bilhartz


Kasia Bilhartz creates large scale burning sculptures.

“I am an artist of emotion and my motivation isn’t necessarily about the structure. It’s about how the fire will relate to the people that are moving through it.”

Jo Hamilton


Crochet artist Jo Hamilton spins amazing yarns.

“It really makes me laugh sometimes when I see the glint in somebody’s eye that I know is there in real life . Or someone who’s surly (laughs) I’ve got their expression down.”