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VSA North 4th Arts Center, Audrey Chen, Judith Shea, Vincent Van Gogh

VSA North 4th Arts Center


James Santillanes came to Albuquerque’s VSA North 4th Arts Center with an undeniable passion.

“I just painted at home all the time. On canvases and on paper and on my dressers and on my closet doors, everything.”

Audrey Chen


As with any avant-garde artist, Audrey Chen’s work is challenging … but it opens a whole new universe of expression.

“The quality of beautiful and ugly is just something we all construct.”

Judith Shea


Judith Shea, a New York-based artist, explores the human form through various materials.

“I went to Catholic schools all my life… until art school. That was a wonderful shock.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, one of history’s most celebrated artists, had a slow start in his ascent to greatness.

“After different careers, decided to become an artist and he devoted his life to it.”